Call for applications to organize Ambiances Congress 2020 (4th International Ambiances Network Congress)

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2020, the 4th Congress of the International Ambiances Network!

Since 2008, the International Ambiances Network took part to the organization of more than 30 events, such as workshops focused on teaching and innovation, international conferences on specific issues and large scale congresses.

Given the growing size of the community of academics, researchers, practionners, artists, students etc. (more than 900 people at this day) who share a common interest around ambiances and atmospheres, we would like very much to involve you more deeply in the organization of our forthcoming events.

After the very successful open call for workshops and seminars, that conducted to the organization of the following events in 2017: Staging Atmospheres - Theatre and the Atmospheric Turn, and Living modern architectural heritage in the age of sustainability: Ambiances and quality of use we are very happy to announce a call for applications to organize the 4th Ambiances Congress to be held in 2020!

As a reminder, the previous Ambiances Congresses were the following:

Each of these congresses gathered around 300 members for almost one-week long, coming from all around the globe, and situated in many disciplinary fields. The International Congresses on Ambiances aim at putting together the largest community of researchers, practitioners, artists and students that share an interest with the subject of Atmospheres. Every approaches to it, may they come from Architecture, Arts, Engineering, Humanities, Social Sciences, etc. are more than welcome in these events that constitute a unique moment for the International Ambiances Network members to meet, share, experiment, and - the most important - enjoy being together. In addition, all these Congresses lead to printed and e-publications accessible on HAL open archive: External link opens in new tab or windowGrenoble, External link opens in new tab or windowMontréal, External link opens in new tab or windowVolos.

The International Ambiances Network will subsequently commission and help with the funding of the next Congress.

Call for Applications

This call for applications is open to any member of the International Ambiances Network who is affiliated to an academic or professional institution that will aim at giving support to the organization of this important moment. Proposals can come from any field of research or practice, might encourage openness to multiple approaches to atmospheres, and welcome well established as well as groundbreaking strands of work. The International Ambiances Network will provide financial support, expertise and assistance to the organization of its leading event.

The quadriennal Ambiances' Congress is an important moment not only to help individuals and institutions gathering, but mostly to sense the directions took by this field of research. In that respect, the Congress might aim at favoring cross -disciplinary, cultural, linguistic, epistemology, practice- encounters, dialogues and debates. For this reason, the main topic of the Congress plays an important role as it contributes to orientate these overall discussions. In addition, as this event aims at gathering the largest community of people, English might be considered as the first langage of the Congress, but has not necessarily to be the only one.

Projects will be examined and selected by an ad-hoc committee working with the International Ambiances Network. Applications will be evaluated on the following topics:

  • Scientific strength and stated intention of interdisciplinarity
  • Significance and originality of the overall theme and topics
  • Organization team ability to carry out this project
  • Capacity of the institution to welcome the conference
  • Additional resources: additional fundings, partnerships, staff involvement
  • Overall clarity and proof of feasibility


Please send your applications by E-mail to

Applications should - at least -  include:

  • Title, Rationale
  • CV of the main organizers
  • Provisional organization team (names, position, ability to be involved in the organization) + ad hoc additional wo.manpower
  • Location (City), langage of the conference (and translation if available), provisional date
  • Description of the venue of the conference
  • Budget (including potential additional resources allocated to the organization of this event)

We very much encourage all the potential applicants to get in touch with us, in order to clarify as much as possible the process, prior to sending the applications on. To do so, please contact External link opens in new tab or by E-mail.

Deadline and dates  

  • Applications: Saturday June 30th 2018, 13:00 (GMT)
  • Examination of the proposals: July 2018
  • Notifications to the applicants: September 2018
  • Congress: 2020

All funded events will be advertised and published on the International Ambiances Network website.

Looking forward to reading you.