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Call for Papers and Posters: Locus Sonus Symposium #8 Audio Mobility
par International Ambiances Network on 

Audio Mobility

Locus Sonus Symposium #8, Aix en Provence, France, April 16th, 17th, 18th 2014

Locus Sonus Symposiums  

From the outset in 2005 Locus Sonus Symposiums have maintained an exceptionally high standard in both artistic and scientific content. Deliberately restrained in regards to the number of participants they have succeeded, for each edition, in uniting international experts and generating lively discussion around a specific question or topic. The Locus Sonus Symposiums are organized in partnership with the Aix-Marseille University (AMU)’s sociology lab LAMES and regularly include collaborations with research groups such as IMéRA, CRESSON, CRiSAP UAL, SARC Queen’s University Belfast, SAIC Chicago, Laval’s University Quebec to mention just a few.

Audio Mobility

The fact that computers have become truly portable (smart phones) while being powerful enough to perform complex calculations in real-time is a very recent phenomenon. If a system capable of generating and capturing audio can share a user’s mobility, is the status of that audio changed? Can there be new forms of audio art that result from mobility?

We propose to consider mobile audio-technology from two points of view. These can be assimilated to maps and  sounding. In the case of maps, we project space and trajectory through schematic representation while in the case of sounding, we activate the environment around us and in so doing collect information about it through feedback.

A traditional way of considering these two approaches to audio mobility might be that of experiencing audio phenomena we encounter as we cross a landscape (insect sounds, running water, or a noisy bar and the sound of traffic) versus hearing the ever changing sound of our own footsteps as they encounter different surfaces (gravel, leaves or a polished floor) and activate different resonant spaces or reflective surfaces (an empty hall, a carpeted room, a forest or a cliff face).

In terms of audio technology these two poles are epitomized by Locative Media on the one hand and sensor based computing on the other.In reality, the line we can draw between these two models is not so clear-cut: radar, a sounding-technology, is used to make projections or charts and we can ping the network from our laptops to see if we are present (as a node on the network) and hybridization of these approaches might offer considerable creative possibilities. However, we consider these two poles as significant in this research into an art of audio mobility.

Mobile audio-device listening (ipods, smartphones) can be considered negatively since they tend to isolate the user from his or her naturally occurring sound environment. They can also be considered positively, as a way of recuperating for the user, an otherwise unpleasant sound space (when travelling in a saturated urban environment for example). Our hypothesis is that by incorporating information emanating from the environment itself, either through sensing or through localisation, the negative aspects of mobile listening might be reduced and the positive aspects augmented.

Extended Submission Deadline: January 6th 2014

More information at: http://locusonus.org/

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Call for papers: Panel "Exploring 'atmospheres': an anthropological approach?"
par International Ambiances Network on 

Panel "Exploring 'atmospheres': an anthropological approach?"

ASA14 Decennial: Anthropology and Enlightenment, 19-22 June 2014, The Surgeons' Hall, Nicolson Street, Edinburgh

Convenors: Sara Asu Schroer (University of Aberdeen) and Susanne Schmitt

Discussant: Tim Ingold

This panel invites an engagement with the concept of 'atmospheres' and its relevance for anthropological research. Focussed on an exploration of atmospheres, we will discuss critically how affect, perception, sociality and actions are creative of and co-created by atmospheric spaces and bodies.

The notion of 'atmosphere' has always been part of anthropological discourse. It often occurs in texts and conversations, as part of ethnographic descriptions and personal field notes. In these instances atmosphere seems to refer to something vague and diffuse, a phenomenon that stems from our affective engagement with the world - evocative and difficult to grasp in terms of rational explanation. Yet few attempts have been made so far to explore the value of the concept of atmosphere for anthropological inquiry.

This panel will explore how the concept of atmospheres can inform and be made productive within anthropological and ethnographic research. We are interested in the questions of how atmospheres might be addressed and understood and whether their hazy and vague constitution might actually be inviting to further complicate the boundaries between the material and immaterial, presence and absence, individual and collective as well as body and place. Atmospheres seem to have an affinity to the in-between, the relational and situatedness. Like clouds in the sky they are ever forming and reforming, appearing and disappearing, never finished or at rest. Atmospheres can be sensed by a singular subject yet have collective affective qualities that evade the singular, can be created (e.g. for political, commercial, ritual purposes) but are also co-creating the ways through which we sense and perceive in the world.

We would like to invite papers from a variety of anthropological fields to explore the affective and performative character of atmospheres through ethnographic, theoretical or methodological reflections.

Deadline: January 5th 2014

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Cresson's Winter School 2014 registration | Inscription à l’Ecole d’hiver 2014 du Cresson
par International Ambiances Network on 

Cresson's Winter School 2014 registrations

The 2nd edition of the winter school, one-week intensive training, aiming to share the knowledge and the know-how of Cresson laboratory research team in the field of sound, is held, this year, under the theme Sound auscultation of architecture.

Participants are invited to auscultate materials, make spaces speak, revisit an architecture-manifesto, that of School of Architecture of Grenoble. After an exercise of hearing using his ears and microphones, each participant is invited to compose a sound postcard relevant to his sonic experience of the building.

Organization: CRESSON Laboratory - Center for research on sonic space & urban environment

Address: Graduate School of Architecture of Grenoble

Date: From Monday, February 3rd till Friday 7th, 2014

Deadline for registration: 15th december 2013

More and registration: http://ehas.hypotheses.org/146

Thanks for forwarding to your own sound networks.

Inscription à l’Ecole d’hiver 2014 du Cresson

La deuxième édition de l'école d'hiver, semaine de formation intensive autour des savoirs et savoir-faire de l'équipe du CRESSON sur le son, est centrée cette année sur l'auscultation sonore de l'architecture.

Les participants sont invités à ausculter la matière, faire parler les espaces, revisiter une architecture-manifeste, celle de l'Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Grenoble. Chaque participant, avec ses oreilles et des micros, est invité à composer une carte postale sonore illustrant sa propre approche du lieu qu'il va habiter durant cette semaine du son.

Organisateur : Laboratoire CRESSON

Lieu : Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Grenoble

Date : Du lundi 3 au vendredi 7 février 2014

Date limite d'inscription : 15 décembre 2013

Pour en savoir plus et vous inscrire : http://ehas.hypotheses.org/153

Merci de relayer cette information auprès de vos réseaux.

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Call for papers: The Architecture of Spirituality in a Multicultural Setting
par International Ambiances Network on 

The Architecture of Spirituality in a Multicultural Setting

6th Annual Symposium of the Forum for Architecture, Culture and Spirituality
Trinity College in Toronto, Canada. June 5-8, 2014

The 6th Annual Symposium on Architecture, Culture and Spirituality (ACS 6) will take place at Trinity Colege in the University of Toronto (http://www.trinity.utoronto.ca/), located in the heart of Toronto’s midtown core, June 5-8, 2014.

The topic is "The Architecture of Spirituality in a Multicultural Setting" and will explore the nature of spiritual expression as articulated in form and space within a multicultural framework. This objective will be pursued in paper-project-presentation sessions responding to the four themes: Identity; Sharing; Conflict; and Forgiveness. Compelling proposals that fall outside of these themes will also be considered for acceptance.

Submission: 500 words long proposals will be peer-reviewed by the symposium co-chairs and a selected group of ACS members. The deadline is January 27th, 2014.

Two special event are planned. One is a keynote lecture by McGill Architecture Professor Alberto Pérez-Gómez. The second will be a Sacred Space Tour of Toronto buildings, gardens, and urban settings.

Deadline: January 27, 2014

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Call For Papers: Ambiance as a key issue in the contemporary Mediterranean public space
par International Ambiances Network on 

L’ambiance comme enjeu de l’espace public méditerranéen contemporain
Ambiance as a key issue in the contemporary Mediterranean public space

International Conference under the aegis of the International Ambiances Network
February 24-26th, 2014, Tunis Science City, Tunis, Tunisia

Taking Tunisia as a case study, this international conference addresses the possibility of sharing contemporary public spaces in the Mediterranean. It addresses the role played by architecture and urban forms in the sharing process itself and also invites to think of future forms and ambiences in a context of hyper-plurality in which the notion of neighborhood is put into question and the notion of space marking is more than ever re-explored...

Deadline for paper proposals submission: November 25th, 2013

Contact: Olfa Meziou

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