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Journée technique “Ambiances urbaines et ville sensorielle”
par International Ambiances Network on 

Ambiances urbaines et ville sensorielle

Journée technique, Grenoble, 19 juin 2014, 14h-17h30

Comment l’approche par les ambiances a permis de renverser les modalités d’action sur le sonore, en passant de la lutte contre le bruit aux notions de confort et de maîtrise de l’environnement sonore ?

Des exemples de prise en compte de cette notion seront présentés en s’intéréssant à la conception des espaces publics. La prise en compte des ambiances nécessite une complémentarité des expertises (élus, professionnels, habitants) autant pour l’appréhension des ambiances existantes que les mises en perspective au regard d’un projet. Quelles sont alors les méthodes, postures et « mode de faire » possibles ?

La ville de Grenoble présentera la façon dont elle se saisit de ces problématiques aux travers de retours d’expériences.

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Call for Action: Re(s)on-art
par International Ambiances Network on 

Call for Action: Re(s)on-art | An International Artistic Research Conference with Actions in Public Space

September 9-12, 2014, Stockholm, Sweden

Welcome to participate in an international artistic research conference organized within the research project: In Situ-Action: Resonance, Improvisation and Variation of Public Space at the Swedish Centre for Architecture and Design. http://playingthespace.wordpress.com/

The conference is planned in collaboration with and coordinated as the second of three international events in 2014:
  • FASE, Sound Art Festival in Berlin June 11-13, www.fasefest.org/
  • Re(s)on-Art, in Stockholm Sept. 9-12.
  • International Congress on Sonic and Audivisual Spaces, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, December 2-5.


The aim of the conference Re(son)-Art is to explore public daily situations and to encourage daily urban awareness by collective actions, described as “the art of resonating with/in/through the city”. This means that the exploration will take the form of careful interventions, based in the participants’ own research and artistic practise.

How are spatial transformations played out, how does it sound, what rhythms does it reinforce? What kind of different voices, expressions and collective actions are supported by contemporary architecture and planning? Where do we find interesting thought-provoking social and cultural manifestations?

We welcome groups of artists/researchers/architects/planners to contribute by sending a short description of an action that can be collectively performed during the conference in Stockholm. The planned action should be developed and performed in situ, during the conference, by the participants under guidance of the proponents. In this collective setting a wide range of methods, theories and tools will contribute to the (mis)understanding of the city.


We welcome applications written in the Scandinavian and Latin languages (preferable your own) or English. It should contain a clear description of a short action (20-30 min) in text, drawings, maps, images, collage or other means; carefully composed on One Page:
  1. Title of action. Names and professions of the group, freelance/institution.
  2. Aim and questions: Describe which daily situation the action highlights, how it resonates with the city, its background/theory/concepts
  3. Description and instructions for the action, kind of place (square/street/metro/building or other), time of day, amount of people in the action...
  4. Documentation: describe how documentation is consciously integrated in the action

The reason for the One Page composition is that the applications will be part of a final publication - a “Book of Instructions” including a selection of the proposed actions and documentations of the actions performed during the conference.

Application Deadline: Send the application to: resonart@arkdes.se before June 16, 2014. You will receive an answer to the application in the beginning of July.

More information: download the PDF

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Publication “Atmospheres: Aesthetics of Emotional Spaces”
par International Ambiances Network on 

Tonino Griffero, “Atmospheres: Aesthetics of Emotional Spaces”

Ashgate Publishing Limited, June 2014, 180 pages

Originally published in Italian in 2010, this book is the first to address the theory of atmospheres in a thorough and systematic way. It examines the role of atmospheres in daily life, and defines their main characteristics. Outlining the typical phenomenological situations in which we experience atmospheres, it assesses their impact on contemporary aesthetics. It puts forward a philosophical approach which systematises a constellation of affects and climates, finds patterns in the emotional tones of different spaces (affordances) and assesses their impact on the felt body. It also critically discusses the spatial turn invoked by several of the social sciences, and argues that there is a need for a non-psychologistic rethinking of the philosophy of emotions. It provides a history of the term 'atmosphere' and of the concepts anticipating its meaning (genius loci, aura, Stimmung, numinous, emotional design and ambiance), and examines the main ontological characteristics of atmospheres and their principal phenomenological characteristics.

It concludes by showing how atmospheres affect our emotions, our bodies' reactions, our state of mind and, as a result, our behaviour and judgments. Griffero assesses how atmospheres are more effective than we have been rationally willing to admit, and to what extent traditional aesthetics, unilaterally oriented towards art, has underestimated this truth.

  • Introduction: not to leave vagueness (but to stay in it in the right way)
  • Atmospheric perception
  • History of the concept of atmosphere
  • Atmospherology
  • Conclusion
  • Bibliography
  • Index

Tonino Griffero is an Italian philosopher and Professor of Aesthetics at the University of Rome, Tor Vergata, Italy.

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Call for papers: The experience economy - Int|AR Volume 06
par International Ambiances Network on 

Call for papers: The experience economy in Building Interventions and Adaptive Reuse

Int|AR - Interventions | Adaptive Reuse - Volume 06

In the global economic decline increasing interest in growth through creative industries that cater to enhanced consumption has resulted in new forms of tourism and culture. In the urban and architectural context, the experience economy and its design and production of experience has focused in particular on unprecedented spatial encounters within the built environment. From innovative tourism to hospitality and retail, the creation of such experience often originates from inimitable settings. In Volume 06 of Int|AR we seek built or unbuilt projects and ideas that uncover the hidden potential of existing spaces, buildings and structures, empty and unmarked, so as to gain new qualitative, and therefore economic, value for the production of new experience. We seek proposals of no more than 250 words interpreting and investigating the “the experience economy and adaptive reuse”.

Established in 2009 as the first American academic publication focusing on Design and Adaptive Reuse, the Int|AR Journal (Interventions | Adaptive Reuse) explores this inherently sustainable practice through multi-faceted investigations and paradigmatic examples.

Int|AR is a peer reviewed journal, published annually and reviewed worldwide. It is available online at EBSCO host, on Amazon and distributed in Europe and North America by BIRKHÄUSER.

Submission requirements

Send a Word document and images /captions by:
  • Proposals 250 words_ July 07, 2014 (first round)
  • Notification of abstract acceptances by July 18, 2014 - Full Paper 1000-3000 words_ Sep. 29, 2014

Email to: intarjournal@risd.edu

Contact editors

  • Markus Berger Associate Professor, Co-Editor in Chief
  • Jeffrey Katz Associate Editor
  • Liliane Wong Professor, Co-Editor in Chief

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Publication "Penser le changement institutionnel"
par International Ambiances Network on 

Penser le changement institutionnel, Virginie Tournay, PUF, 2014

Les études en sciences sociales consacrées au changement institutionnel peuvent-elles se passer du vécu individuel et ordinaire de ce changement ? Ce livre propose d'intégrer l'expérience sensible du sujet comme point de passage obligé à l'analyse des formes et dynamiques institutionnelles.

L'institution n'est pas un objet invariable dans l'espace et dans le temps. Sa forme découle de ceux qui la font, des rapports entre les instituants, les institués, ceux qui la vivent, la commentent et la perçoivent. Elle équivaut ainsi à un complexe de relations ne pouvant, dès lors, être saisi dans sa totalité. Cela rend impossible tout accord sur ses contours, un peu à l'image de la célèbre sculpture d'Umberto Boccioni esquissant une silhouette en mouvement. Nous voilà plongés dans une logique toute bergsonienne qui envisage le changement comme un élément de durée et son expérience comme une invitation à penser le mouvement sans l'espace.

Cet ouvrage est un plaidoyer pour des études institutionnelles incluant la perception individuelle du changement institutionnel comme composante dans la reconstruction intellectuelle de la trajectoire de l'objet. Il entend alimenter les approches interprétatives des études institutionnelles en développant une analytique des formes sociales appuyée sur une anthropologie politique.

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